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Quality public education is a right; it is not a privilege. Today’s parents and families are challenged with growing school and societal demands. Regardless of their background or circumstances, overwhelmingly parents want what is best for their children. That is why we must all invest in education. New Beginnings Educational Center Staff and Board of Directors believe we can all work to help our participants become the best and the brightest. Parents, supporters, volunteers and the community as a whole are vital partners in the education of the poor and disadvantaged children who enroll in our programs.


Many of our parents do not have high school diplomas and are not able to assist their children with school work. Further, during this Pandemic, many economically challenged families have been left at a loss from the absence of a traditional physical school day, as well as extracurricular/summer activities.  As a result, the parents and guardians of the children that we serve are especially in need of our help. New Beginnings is continuing to encourage the children's educational and family wellness efforts. Our weekly programs and family food box distributions demonstrate that we are a community, even if at a distance. We are proud of our team of supporters. When the coronavirus pandemic caused many businesses to close during Spring and Fall 2020, we were able to quickly transfer our support of the underserved from in person gatherings to virtual meetings. The demand for our programs and services is growing by leaps and bounds. We cannot meet the need effectively without more people like you investing in our Center. 


“Everything can be taken from a person except his education.”                 

                                 - Anonymous

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