Spotlight on NB Children

Here's what some of our children are doing at New Beginnings Educational Center.

De'Yasha, 12th Grade

has been a part of New Beginnings' programs since she was in kindergarten. She is extremely talented and gifted. De'Yasha plans to attend college and join the ROTC in the Fall. Upon graduating from college, she plans to be commissioned in the Air Force as an officer.

Isaiah, 10th Grade

talks about an assignment with one of his mentors, Judge Reid; she and her husband Phelps have worked with him for several years. Isaiah would like to one day be a professional basketball player or do something with his talent for art, music, and writing.

Nakyrea, 12th Grade

is preparing with her mentor, Allison, to take the ACT later this year. Both of them are also new to the one-on-one tutoring program. One of Nakyrea's goals is to have a career in real estate. With her sense of purpose, she will be an asset to the profession. 

Khloe, 3rd Grade

is enjoying reading while visiting New Beginnings Educational Center. Congratulations, Khloe on being "Student of the Month" at your school. You will be a wonderful teacher!


Pearlie, 5th Grade

is focused on improving her reading skills with her mentor, Elizabeth, during her one-on-one tutoring session. She wants to be a doctor someday. Pearlie has been in the New Beginnings tutoring program since 1st grade.

Deontia, 11th Grade

is posing with his tutor and mentor. His favorite subject is mathematics because he  loves counting money. When Deontia grows up, he wants to become an entrepreneur. He has been a part of New Beginnings' program since he was 6 years old.

Ke'ion, 8th Grade

has participated in the program with his mentor, Bo, for years, beginning when he was smaller than she is! He hopes to be a lawyer, and his love of learning will surely make him a success.

Natalia, 5th Grade

takes a break from reading with her mentor, Laura. Both are new to the one-on-one program this year. Natalia wants to be a nurse when she grows up. With her smile, her patients will be happy to see her!

Jaycie, 5th Grade

is getting plenty of veterinarian practice caring for Stitch. Now, Jaycie, remember doctors must do well in Mathematics. No worries, New Beginnings has amazing tutors!


Isabella, 1st Grade, 

and her mentor, Beth, are practicing phonics by saying letter sounds out loud. She has been excited to be able to read her first books. When Isabella grows up, she hopes to become a dentist.

Sameriah, 5th Grade

is having fun in the church's library with her mentor, Rachel. They are working on her reading by sharing some good books. Sameriah would like to become a manicurist when she finishes school.

Elijah, 9th Grade

is all dressed for school. Elijah does not know what he wants to do. He is thinking about rap or sports but New Beginnings will help him find his true calling.


“Everything can be taken from a person except his education.”                 

                                 - Anonymous

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